Standard Office & Commercial Cleaning Services

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Cleaning Company San Rafael
  • All Offices
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Lamps, furniture and desks wiped/ dusted
    • Baseboards dusted
    • Floors vacuumed and/ or moped
    • Wastebaskets emptied and bag replaced
    • Window sills and ledges dusted/ wiped
    • Frames and artwork dusted/ wiped
    • Shelves and woodwork dusted/ wiped
    • Glass doors spot cleaned
  • Bathrooms
    • Toilets cleaned and sanitized (including base and behind)
    • Sinks and back splashes scrubbed and sanitized
    • Vanities wiped
    • Mirrors cleaned and shined
    • Floors washed.
    • Fingerprints on doors/ handles and wood work removed
    • Bathroom supplies verified (i.e. soap, paper towels, etc.)
  • Kitchen / Leisure Areas
    • Sink cleaned and sanitized
    • Appliances cleaned inside/ outside
    • Stove top cleaned
    • Dishwasher loaded/ unloaded
    • Cabinet doors wiped (outside)
    • Tables and chairs wiped
    • Trash bins emptied/ wiped
    • Soap supplies refilled
    • Refrigerator spot cleaned inside