Why You Shouldn’t DIY Post-Construction Cleaning/Post-Remodel Cleaning

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It is common for construction and remodeling projects to create a large amount of trash. If it wasn’t a major project, such as a minor office renovation or change, you could do the cleaning on your own. This will require a few people’s assistance, of course.

But when it comes to major remodeling or construction sites, what could go wrong with a DIY cleaning is that you are spending thirty or forty hours trying to clean. These cleanings are the most time-consuming. Perhaps you don’t understand how construction dust behaves and because of that, your cleaning is not efficient and thorough. And your precious time is wasted!

As experts in the field, we at Fine German Housecleaning have written down why you shouldn’t DIY post-construction cleaning/post-remodel cleaning.

1. You need to be in good physical condition
These cleanings are taxing on your body. You need to feel comfortable on a four-step ladder and other equipment. Moreover, you need to know how construction dust behaves and how to eliminate it from your house completely.

2. Can pose serious health risks
It’s imperative to do a complete detailing of the house because all construction dust that has accumulated has to be removed. However, there are a variety of dangers on any construction site, and if you choose to handle the clean-up yourself. These dangers can pose a serious risk to your health, particularly the fine dust particles, which are very harmful to live in and breathe in.

3. It’s time-consuming
Post-construction dirt isn’t just unsightly and bothersome; they have serious health and environmental impacts, too. It’s imperative to take time and wipe out and remove dust from every inch and corner of the entire house. However, you will not have the time and thoroughness to clean the space; therefore, hiring a professional cleaning service makes sense.

Do things right - Hire a professional

Professional help can do the job in one or at the most two days. Usually, it’s a team of three to six cleaners working. Think of it as an extension or part of the remodel or construction rather than a luxury service. We, the cleaners, are the last people in your house before you move back into a newly built or remodeled house. Our team prepares the house so you can live comfortably and healthily in your brand-new home.

However, it’s important to look for a licensed and insured cleaning business to do this type of work. Let’s say some surface, structure, or something got damaged. You need to protect yourself and make sure you get reimbursed for the damages that the cleaning company did. The wisest thing is to look for a company that has extensive experience with this type of cleaning. This company should have a good track record of experience in this type of cleaning.

Generally, the cost depends on the size of the house and the level of dust and such. Typically, we estimate the cost of the job beforehand. That way, you know exactly what it will cost you.

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