How To Prepare For A Professional Spring Cleaning Of Your House When On A Budget

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Spring cleaning can be fun, therapeutic and rewarding since it leaves your home dirt free and healthy. Deep cleaning is very satisfying, and it helps the homeowners start with a clean slate. From there on, it will be so much easier and less of a “headache” to keep the house maintained and beautiful. Unfortunately, a professional cleaning service is not cheap when done correctly!

However, if the house has been properly prepared for deep cleaning, it will cost a lot less! As experts in the field, we at Fine German Housecleaning have written down how you can prepare for a professional spring cleaning of your house when on a budget. This is sure to give you a clean home and a new beginning, both on a budget. 

1. Store your precious items safely 
Remove as many knick-knacks and trinkets as you can. Put them in a box and store them in a safe place (garage or closet). Knick-knacks take time to clean, this is why it is best you do this in advance. After the cleaners have done their job, you can put your precious moments out of the box, wipe them and put them where you like them to be. That way, you can also evaluate if you have outgrown some of them and perhaps want to pass on one or the other piece. 

2. Clean your curtains 
If you have window curtains, perhaps you could bring them down and give them to the dry cleaners or wash them in your washer. The professional cleaners can help you put the clean curtains up again.

3. Declutter 
Any clutter such as books, newspapers, letters, medicine, dishes, etc., if not put away, will hold up the cleaners and will slow down the cleaning process. The best thing to do is to completely declutter your house. It’s a perfect time to toss things out that you do not need anymore and organize your books, letters, clothes, etc.

4. Clear out your kitchen 
Ensure that the kitchen counters are free from food, clean dishes, dirty dishes, etc., and that the condiments and spices are organized. You should also ensure that the stovetop is free of pots and pans and the overall kitchen areas are easily accessible.

5. Stay out of the way 
When a professional cleaning crew works in your home, you should either stay out of their way as best as possible or leave the house. You can use that day to perhaps do some self-care such as going for a long walk, meeting with friends or having a spa day.

6. Use stronger cleaning products 
Deep cleaning is usually an extensive and tougher job than regular maintenance cleanings. If you want to stay within your budget and depending on the level of dirt build-up, we need to resort to stronger cleaning products. Of course, we work very efficiently and have great knowledge about the product, we rinse well and open windows for airflow.

7. Choose what rooms to clean and what to leave out 
It really depends on the current level of usage of your house. Bathrooms, kitchen and floors are a must. And if the house is very dusty, it is important to do a full and complete dusting in all areas. If pets live in the house, vacuuming floors, sofas, and rugs is important. Perhaps if you have a guest room or any room that is not much used, it can be left out.

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