Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Cleaning Service

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When it comes to cleaning your home, most of the time, the cleaning chore ends up in a procrastination session due to your family priorities or busy work schedule. However, as the cleaning piles up, you will eventually find your space covered in dust, dirt, and grime, making it difficult to tidy up in one go. To overcome your cleaning struggles, hiring a professional cleaning company is the way to go. They will not only make your home pristine but ensure you receive quality cleaning service.

Unfortunately, when looking for a cleaning company, you will find that several companies promise exemplary services and do their best to impress you. You will need to identify the right company from these to get your needs met and your money’s worth. At Fine German Housecleaning, we want to help you choose the right cleaning company and avoid common errors when doing so. To prevent committing costly errors and enlist the services of reliable cleaning professionals, here’s a list of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a cleaning service.

1. Focusing on cleaning service rates 
Hiring cleaners based solely on their rates can lead to disaster. This comes from the fact that low prices don’t automatically equate to excellent services. Low prices may indicate that the company probably doesn’t have professional skills. Therefore, looking at cleaning service rates alone isn’t enough. It would be best if you considered a cleaning service’s length of experience and quality of service as well.

2. Failing to check their license and insurance
The cleaning company you hire must be fully insured and licensed. Hiring uninsured cleaners puts you in a vulnerable position. If there is an accident on the job and the cleaning company doesn’t have the proper liability insurance, you can be held responsible for compensating them. That’s because you are liable for any accidents that may take place within your property. Also, the cleaning company won’t pay you for any damages their staff or cleaning service may cause. So make sure you’re covered if anything goes sideways, and always ask a cleaning company about their insurance before committing to them.

3. Not discussing the scope of work
Make sure to discuss your expectations and ensure the scope of work is agreed upon. Misunderstandings can arise if you are not communicating clearly your wants and expectations, and what the company can provide is not properly mentioned. It is always advisable to get a proper quote stating the cleaning scope, method, and timeframe for the job to avoid subsequent disputes. Do inform your cleaners if there are areas that need special attention, for example, a dirty bathroom.

4. Not researching about the company’s ethics
Prices that are given over the phone are usually not accurate, to say the least. Some cleaning companies like ours do not engage in this practice. We believe that we need to see the scope of work to determine a solid and spot-on price, and you, the customer, will accordingly know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost you. These are transparent business practices. Over the phone, quotes are just ballpark figures. A face-to-face meeting is always the most effective way of ruling out potentially costly misunderstandings.

5. Failing to communicate
At times, you may feel intimidated by the pressures of finding a good cleaning company. This may make you a bit nervous about expressing your concerns, questions, views, expectations, and needs. But, it’s essential to communicate so that a prudent cleaning company can ensure service, explain or incorporate your needs, etc.

To avoid other mistakes like these, reach out to the experts at Fine German Housecleaning. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded commercial and residential cleaning company in San Rafael, California. As a cleaning company serving since 1992, we follow the German-stye of professional house cleaning, which means we manage our time without sacrificing excellence. We are also highly committed to using eco-friendly products whenever possible. There isn’t a cleaning task that Fine German Housecleaning cannot complete, either with conventional cleaning products or with our green and environmental cleaning solutions. And, we’re happy to demonstrate the same to you.

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