Figuring Out The Working Of Industries Post The COVID-19 Changes

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Businesses and companies were not doing well throughout the pandemic with many of them significantly slowing down their production and not hitting their targets. The initial lockdowns forced people to work from home and shut the doors of companies and offices, which was not too good for business. Even though many had their teams working from home, according to a survey, a majority of companies stated that they saw productivity significantly drop.

Being a cleaning company, we were fortunate during the pandemic as we were seeing a large number of people getting in touch with us as they wanted to work with the services we were offering. Additionally, people started paying more attention to keeping their place clean and even if they were cleaning up well in the past, now they were forced to up their game. Additionally, whether at remote offices, working from home, or having people at the office, they had to make sure they were sanitizing the place often which means we were a lot busier now than in the past.

We were working on cleaning a lot more homes in the past, and now we were working with many offices and commercial buildings but were handling the work well and getting a lot of new projects done.

Although we were always aware of cross-contamination and how easily infections can spread, our number one priority is to have zero contamination and spreading of diseases. We know now that we can help families to keep their homes as clean and disinfected as possible and therefore, they have more control over how this pandemic affects their lives. We are working very hard to make that a reality in the upcoming six months.

Like so many other businesses, our business had to close during the pandemic shutdowns imposed by the Government. We did not know how this virus behaves and needed to take the utmost precautions. At this time, we had a chance to rethink our business practices and came up with a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting protocol for our clients and employees.

We are aware of how fragile we are and how easily we get affected by this virus and also other life circumstances. This pandemic shows us that we like to think that we are invincible, but we are not! A newfound understanding of our humanity governs our every move in our business. We find ourselves more understanding and compassionate towards our clients and employees. We have more patience.

As cleaners, we cannot work remotely, so we have to work in person for most of the work we handle. When it comes to the paperwork or the internal coordination, we did change the style we were following, and we are making sure that we adapt to the new communication methods. As we shut for the longest time, we did not make any changes to the hours that we put in. We are even, on some days, putting in more hours now, than we were in the past. We are working hard on catching up to the hours that we missed during the countrywide lockdowns during the initial days of the pandemic.

When we are cleaning a home, we take strict precautions. When it comes to our equipment, like vacuum cleaners, we disinfect them with 70% alcohol, disinfecting wipes, or bleach wipes before bringing it into your home.

We will bring only disinfected personal items such as a mobile phone and a purse into the house.

We enter your house, already wearing a mask and gloves and disinfect the bottoms of our shoes.

During the cleaning, we will wash our hands frequently thoroughly with soap and disinfectant.

We will disinfect all surfaces, handles, doorknobs in the kitchen, bathrooms, and throughout the house as the last step before completing the cleaning.

Although we always wash our cleaning towels with bleach before bringing them to the house, upon request, we can use your cleaning towels. At the end of the cleaning, we put the towels in your washer ready to be laundered, which helps limit outside exposure. 

We don’t use any software or communication platform, but we always treat our client’s information confidentially. We are always meeting clients, but make sure both sides, our team and them are following the orders given by our counties. We wear masks and practice safe distancing.

As I mentioned, COVID-19 has changed our ways of doing and contacting the business to being more present with each person. I have been running this business for 25 years. The company has seen some tough times, and I almost lost the business, twice. In this pandemic, we almost lost it again, and there was the notion of giving up. However, by rethinking, reorganizing and strategizing, we are now in a strong and more humanly compassionate place. I love contacting my business from there. It brings me closer to all people and fulfills me as a person and business owner.

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