The Future Of Residential And Commercial Cleaning

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With the evolution of technology, customer demands, and the circumstances caused by the pandemic, the cleaning industry is bound to experience a change in the coming months and years. To help you stay in the know, the experts at Fine German Housecleaning have assessed the industry and the trends that are likely to change the way the cleaning businesses functions.

Based on our research and observations, we have identified three likely changes that will affect the future of residential and commercial cleaning. We’ve also explained why we think they are bound to occur in the coming months. Keep reading to see what they are and how they will affect you and the cleaning industry in general.

1. Sanitization and disinfection will become an essential part of cleaning
For several years, residential and commercial cleaning has always been focused on Clean CLEANING or merely removing dirt. However, due to COVID-19, the industry has begun to sanitize and disinfect pretty much everything that can be sanitized without destroying it. The world has become aware of the threat of diseases and has begun to demand sanitization measures.

On account of this demand, we predict that we in the cleaning profession are becoming experts in creating safe indoor environments. Currently, we bring sanitizing and disinfecting methods to everyday cleaning tasks, and our clients appreciate and expect this every time we clean up their property.

As we continue to incorporate sanitization practices into our cleaning services, our clients will feel more confident in hiring us. Moreover, as we are on the cutting edge of trends and new discoveries, our clients know that they can trust us to provide safe cleaning in their homes and buildings.

Not only are we focusing on sanitizing and disinfecting homes, but we are also making sure that the indoor air is fresh and as clean as possible by opening windows and doors as much as we can. New research tells us that the COVID-19 spreads through the air and can therefore be a danger to people in inclosed environments.

Even though sanitization increases our work, we feel that adding this step has helped us align our business with market standards and raise the overall quality of our services. We are also able to offer competitive prices, which makes this trend positive and satisfactory.

2. Human interactions will prevails
Living in the digital age, cleaning companies are always trying to catch up with the latest trends. But, we predict that no matter how sophisticated digital platforms and procedures become, cleaning is and will continue to be a highly personalized service. Human interactions and personal attention to detail are more important than ever in our industry because people are yearning for it. This has led us to predict that homeowners will continue to look for a personal connection to their service staff more than ever.

At Fine German Housecleaning, we believe that a human voice is worth more than an anonymous online interaction. Talking to a real person induces a feeling of quality. Clients also feel that can decide better if they can trust ca company by having a conversation with them. After all, a cleaning service is a people’s business!

Currently, our cleaning company attempts to make our services as personal as possible. Simultaneously, we are taking full advantage of the digital advancements and integrating it with human interactions (if the client allows and wants it).

Providing some form of human connections is a ‘must-have’ in the cleaning business. And those cleaners that offer it will be highly regarded and recognized as a link to effective and peaceful living.

3. Training and courses in cleaning will be developed
House help, house cleaners, and house girls have been forerunners for the new profession of a cleaning technicians or specialists. But, as this industry is developing into one that is highly regarded and recognized, new professionals in this will need to acquire training and education in cleaning to meet the standards set. In fact, we think that we will have special education and training in cleaning spaces in the coming years to prove our professionalism to clients.

Currently, as ‘certified’ cleaning technicians, clients trust that we know our trade. But with education and training to back us up, they won’t think twice about hiring our services. Trained cleaning technicians will work as professionals and be fully accountable for their work. Moreover, we feel that this will raise our business standing and our competition. We see this trend as a positive change for our business and a negative one for people who want to make a ‘quick buck.’ 

Bottom line
Overall, we feel that the cleaning service industry has come a long way from being a ‘household servant’ to a ‘professional technician’ who works in their own right. For the most part, cleaning services have a high standing in communities and families. We are providing an essential service that many households and businesses require. As the industry demands change, our competitive spirit and ability to adjust to new discoveries and life circumstances will help us evolve accordingly.

If you’re looking for a resilient cleaning company to handle your cleaning and sanitization demands reach out to Fine German Housecleaning. We are a commercial and residential cleaning company in San Rafael, California. We have been in business since 1992 and follow a German-style of professional house cleaning. We are dedicated to deep-cleaning your space with eco-friendly products whenever possible, but for the occasional tougher jobs, we resort to stronger solutions.

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